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Book Review: "Stop Gaining Weight" by Dr. Laura Pawlak

Reviewed by Gudrun Zomerland, MFT

I came across this book at a workshop on aging and thought it useful for most people, not only those with real or perceived weight problems. Dr. Pawlak offers a thorough analysis of the evolution of human survival methods, body chemistry, why dieting doesn't work, and suggestions of what does work. She also makes it clear that almost everything she is describing does not apply to food alone but to other possible addictions. Most importantly, she goes into the root cause of many of our addictions, namely insufficient serotonin (depression), lack of norepinephrine (difficulty concentrating), and too much dopamine (a constant search for reward, such as sex, food, alcohol, etc).

She talks about the importance of hormones on body chemistry and gives suggestions for supplements, certain foods and activities that lead to a more balanced life style. She also throws in some down-to-earth suggestions on how to think in a way that better enables us to reach our goals. Each chapter has an extensive bibliography that leads the reader to further research.

The book is clearly divided into three steps (Essentials, Attitude, and Agenda), and each one of these steps has several chapters. The only criticism I have is that she, at times, has a somewhat cynical voice. (This may be a plus for some readers!) Overall, this is a book well worth reading and having around as a reference.

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