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santa rosa self-esteem and self esteem therapy "We'd Have a Great Relationship if it Weren't for You: Regaining Love and Intimacy," by Bruce Derman, Ph.D.

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Barbara Bowen, LCSW: psychotherapy in sonona countysanta rosa marriage and family counseling

About Me:

My interest in psychotherapy began while I was working in a home for children who had been removed from their families. I was impressed by how strongly children's psychological development can be damaged by emotional trauma. I was equally impressed by how therapeutic intervention improved the functioning and sense of well being of each family member. Throughout graduate school and for several years thereafter I studied and specialized in family therapy. I had also completed a two-year training program in Gestalt therapy, and over the years I became increasingly interested in individual therapy, and studied Jungian psychology, trauma recovery, personality disorders and hypnosis. At present I greatly enjoy my work with individuals, and also my work with couples and families. I am committed to the ongoing examination of the healing process through continued education and professional development. I continue to learn most from the individuals and families who are willing to share their life stories and struggles with me.

Educational Background and Work Experience:

  • BA in Philosophy, UCLA
  • BA Social Welfare, University of Minnesota
  • MSW, University of Minnesota
  • LCSW License since 1991
  • Certificate in Gestalt Therapy
  • Additional post-graduate training in family therapy, Jungian therapy, personality disorders, hypnosis
  • 20 years experience working with Family Court, custody mediation, evaluation, and co-parent counseling
  • Supervisor for internship program
  • Group leader for clients who were victims of domestic violence, of childhood sexual abuse, and for clients going through separation and divorce
  • 7 years working as hospice and hospital social worker
  • 20 years experience working with individuals, couples, families

Areas of Special Interest and Expertise:

  • Individual growth
  • Post traumatic Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence
  • Custody Mediation, Evaluation and Co-Parent Counseling
  • Grief and Loss
  • Life Transitions
  • Couples and Family Therapy
  • Hypnosis

Professional Affiliations:

  • CAMFT (California Association for Marriage and Family Therapists)
  • Collaborative Council of the Redwood Empire (CCRE)
  • Association of Family Conciliation Courts (AFCC)
  • California Society for Clinical Social Work (CSCSW)

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