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September-October 2006  
In This Issue:

Meet Milton Woolley, Chinn Street Counseling's newest therapist

Kevin Cooper reviews Geshe Michael Roach's "The Diamond Cutter"

Shoshona Pascoe's "Emotional Intelligence: Coaching Our Children, Coaching Ourselves"

Gudrun Zomerland's "The Core of Co-Dependency"

Shonnie Brown on LifeStory Therapy™ and How is it Used

Barbara Bowen's "Balancing the Needs of Self and Others"

Who We Are:

We are a diverse group of experienced psychotherapists, each in private practice with offices at Chinn Street Counseling Center. We offer a full range of high quality services to people who want support for life's challenges. Our clients can choose from brief solution focused counseling or in depth psychotherapy. While we cooperate with existing insurance and managed care companies, our "fee for service" orientation allows our clients the freedom to choose the therapist with whom they feel most comfortable.

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Greetings from Milton Woolley, MFT
Chinn Street Counseling Center's Newest Member

Milton Woolley, MFT

I am honored to be the newest member of the therapists at Chinn Street Counseling Center. I would like to introduce myself. I have been a licensed MFT since 1977. I have enjoyed working with individual adults, couples and families in private practice. I have led men's groups and marriage workshops, father-son and father-daughter retreats. The vision I hold for my work at Chinn Street includes men's groups for those who have been in a career for many years and have lost their sense of purpose. Another group I plan to lead will deal with the stress and strains put on a meaningful career by the many, rapid changes and growing financial demands each of us must now face. I have a high regard and desire to work with the issues and complexities of the transition phase of late adolescent males into men who need support in this important life change.

If you are interested in individual, couples, family counseling or a men's group please call me: Milton H. Woolley: 707-481-4343. More about Milton...

Book review: "The Diamond Cutter"
Kevin Cooper, MFT

In this instructive book, Geshe Michael Roach, an ordained Buddhist monk, and diamond merchant, outlines a strategy for achieving personal and business success. Combining his business experience with excerpts from ancient Buddhists texts, he integrates spiritual principles with practical suggestions which are as applicable to the business world as they are to personal and emotional growth.

Emotional Intelligence:
Coaching Our Children, Coaching Ourselves

Shoshona Pascoe, MFT

The ability to skillfully navigate the world of social skills and emotional understanding is a work in progress for most of us. Emotional Intelligence is a phrase that endeavors to enlarge the concept of valuable human traits and capacities. It is an IQ about people and the world of feelings. How can we as parents build on our children's innate orientation to the emotional world?

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The Core of Co-Dependency
Gudrun Zomerland, MFT

At the center of co-dependency lies low self-esteem and low self-worth or, in different words, negative beliefs about my lovability and my contributions in this world. Because the term co-dependency is used so frequently these days, some critics say it is a catch word that really doesn't describe anything at all or that, because most of us fall into this category, is null and void.

What is LifeStory Therapy™ and How is it Used?
Shonnie Brown, M.A., MFT

LifeStory Therapy™ is autobiographical writing under the guidance of a professional therapist and writer. Increasingly, memoir writing is used therapeutically for spiritual and emotional healing. For some, it is easier to write than to talk. For others, it feels too shameful to speak. Often it is scary to feel the pain of opening too much. My own introduction to memoir writing developed spontaneously out of a need to heal the overwhelming loss of my family's summer home--a loss so profoundly deep that my grief only surfaced in dreams. Because I recognized that my loss was deeply buried, I began writing the story of our home, opening with a dream.

Balancing the Needs of Self and Others
Barbara Bowen, LCSW

As I see individuals and couples in my practice who are trying to improve relationships, I often observe that they are having difficulties in balancing their personal needs with the needs of the other person in the relationship. Caring about the other person's needs at the expense of caring for our own puts the relationship out of balance, and caring for our own needs without consideration for the other person's puts it out of balance as well. Relationships function best when couples find a way to include both their needs and desires.

Chinn Street Groups:

Separation/Divorce/Transition Group for Women: ongoing weekly support group for women in any stage of separation from a long term relationship. Facilitated by
Shonnie Brown, M.A., MFT

Co-Parent Empowerment Group: six week class focusing on shared parenting issues: managing and diffusing anger, de-escalation of conflict and effective communication skills. Facilitated by Shonnie Brown, M.A., MFT

Ongoing Men's Support Group: open to men interested in working on recurrent relationship issues including anger, addiction, communication and parenting. Meets Tuesdays from 6-7:30 PM. Facilitated by Kevin Cooper, MFT

Recovery Support Group for Women: for women who are currently active members of a 12-Step fellowship and who want additional support in dealing with the many issues that can emerge when recovering from addictive patterns in life. Ongoing, Monday evenings 6-7:30PM. Facilitated by Gudrun Zomerland, MFT

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Shonnie Brown, M.A., M.F.T.

Kevin Cooper, M.F.T.
Shoshona Pascoe, M.F.T.

Milton Woolley, M.F.T.

Gudrun Zomerland, M.F.T.
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