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Winter/Spring 2010  
In This Issue:

MILTON WOOLLEY describes how to mine the gold locked in our psychological shadow.

KEVIN COOPER discusses how recognizing and grieving the losses of our lives enhance our emotional health.

GUDRUN ZOMERLAND explores the origins of shame and the necessity of shame as an attempt to take care of the Self.

SHONNIE BROWN explores the phenomenon of healthy and unhealthy narcissism on Facebook.

SHOSHONA PASCOE shares a poem entitled "The Layers" by Stanley Kunitz and reflects on poetry and psychotherapy's shared intention.
Who We Are:

We are individual private therapists who practice psychotherapy in the same location: 405 Chinn Street in Santa Rosa. We are not part of a business partnership, group or association, but are sole practitioners. As individual therapists each of us offers years of experience in different areas of therapeutic focus. The array of services offered range from brief solution focused counseling to in-depth psychotherapy. While each one of us cooperates with different existing insurance and managed care companies, we each follow a "fee for service" orientation that allows clients the freedom to choose the therapist with whom they feel most comfortable.

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Chinn Street Newsletter Archives

Only the Shadow Knows
Milton Woolley, MFT

"We take our spiritual/psychological shadow with us wherever we go. No matter how hard we may try we cannot outrun it or hide from it. As long as there is light from our consciousness, it is present. Actually, one's shadow is a vast resource of power, joy and energy hiding in the shadows of our lives, often in plain sight. We miss seeing this resource because it is masked by our self judgment, our critical attitudes toward self and others, and our self denial." Read more...

Grief and Loss
Kevin Cooper, MFT

"Our emotional health is enhanced when we recognize the losses of our lives and take the time to grieve them. Unfortunately many people don't understand grief and therefore try to avoid or short cut this painful but necessary process. Common psychological symptoms like depression, anxiety and anger are often coping mechanisms for dealing with unrecognized and unresolved grief." Read more...

Shame as Self-Care
Gudrun Zomerland, MFT

"The implication of this title is an odd and seemingly unbridgeable contradiction. I recently heard the phrase at a professional workshop given by a Jungian analyst. I don't know who originated it; otherwise I would gladly attribute it to the owner. I say "gladly", because the phrase has given me plenty to think about." Read more...

Facebook: Healthy or Unhealthy Narcissism?
Shonnie Brown, MFT

"Facebook is undoubtedly an interesting phenomenon for a psychotherapist's exploration. And I admit to being on Facebook. I've read accounts of many users' attraction and subsequent revulsion to online social networking. And I certainly feel my own ambivalence. It may be worthwhile to ask yourself what your intention is on Facebook. Is your Facebook persona congruent with the self that you feel yourself to be? What do your Facebook habits tell you about your self-esteem or lack thereof?" Read more...

Living in the Layers
Shoshona Pascoe, MFT

"Poetry and psychotherapy share an intention to deepen into the essentials. When a poem captures something for me, I feel, as I did when I first heard this poem, a resonance in the body. I sensed a settling and an alertness at the same time: pay attention! Simple words, chosen with care, placed beside one another forming something powerful and tender. This poet was also a gardener and his poem evokes for me the beauty of a complex living system." Read more...

Chinn Street Groups:

Separation/Divorce/Transition Group for Women: ongoing weekly support group for women in any stage of separation from a long term relationship. Facilitated by Shonnie Brown, M.A., MFT, 707-526-4353.

Co-Parent Empowerment Group: six week class focusing on shared parenting issues: managing and diffusing anger, de-escalation of conflict and effective communication skills. Facilitated by Shonnie Brown, M.A., MFT, 707-526-4353.

Ongoing Men's Support Group: open to men interested in working on recurrent relationship issues including anger, addiction, communication and parenting. Meets Tuesdays from 6-7:30 PM. Facilitated by Kevin Cooper, MFT; 707-566-7742.

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