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Fall 2010  
In This Issue:

GUDRUN ZOMERLAND uses language to further explore the impact of trauma.

MILTON WOOLLEY shares some thoughts about Compassion Fatigue, a topic not often discussed but of importance for anyone offering care to others' suffering.

SHONNIE BROWN discusses the relationship between writing and psychotherapy as well as various writing practices used for physical, spiritual and psychological healing and growth.

SHOSHONA PASCOE writes about Anxiety and relates a story about baby turtles in their dash to the sea.
Who We Are:

We are individual private therapists who practice psychotherapy in the same location: 405 Chinn Street in Santa Rosa. We are not part of a business partnership, group or association, but are sole practitioners. As individual therapists each of us offers years of experience in different areas of therapeutic focus. The array of services offered range from brief solution focused counseling to in-depth psychotherapy. While each one of us cooperates with different existing insurance and managed care companies, we each follow a "fee for service" orientation that allows clients the freedom to choose the therapist with whom they feel most comfortable.

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Trauma: The Shaking Of A Soul
Gudrun Zomerland, MFT

Trauma is shattering. However, sometimes I think the term "trauma" is rather clinical and does not truly reflect what happens to a person going through it. This can create difficulties in either under-reporting or over-reporting of traumatic experiences. I have the fortune of being bilingual, using a practical language with one part of my mind -- namely English -- and using a romantic or poetic language with another part of my mind -- German.

Are You Vulnerable to Compassion Fatigue?
Milton Woolley, MFT

This article may be helpful to any person who is in a position to offer support and/or services to people who are disabled, aged, dying, traumatized or in chronic physical pain. It is written as if speaking to therapists and professional care givers, however the information included may be applicable to any person who finds him/herself dealing with the issues of human suffering.

Compassion Fatigue is experienced by people who, for an extended period of time, give care to those among us who are suffering. When compassion and empathy are key ingredients in the relationship with others who are experiencing physical, emotional or psychological pain the caregiver is vulnerable to the effects of "Compassion Fatigue."

Writing: A Healing Art
Shonnie Brown, MFT

I have chosen to write about a subject valuable in my psychotherapy practice as well as in my own healing work. Numerous writing practices are currently used in both psychological and physical healing. In this article I will discuss a few which particularly resonate with me: One Year of Writing and Healing, Writing as a Way of Healing: How Telling Our Stories Transforms Our Lives by Louise DeSalvo, The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron and Journal Therapy by Kathleen Adams with whom I have studied.

ANXIETY and A Story About Turtles
Shoshona Pascoe, MFT

A Turtle Story:
Last year I had the good fortune of spending a week in Mexico by the sea and was introduced to turtle release. The local fishermen gather the turtle eggs after they are laid in the sand to protect them from predators. They are kept safe, in boxes in sand, for the incubation period and then released to the ocean as they hatch. But not right into the ocean. I listened carefully to the instructions....

Fear, Anxiety, and Worry:
I recently came upon the Mindfulness & Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety by John P. Forsyth, Ph.D and Georg H. Eifert, Ph.D. and found a welcome addition to the ideas available for coping with fearful and anxious states. Rather than another set of tools to cultivate, the authors offer a new way to be in relationship to these uncomfortable states; from this new stance practices and tools are more effective.

Chinn Street Groups:

Separation/Divorce/Transition Group for Women: ongoing weekly support group for women in any stage of separation from a long term relationship. Facilitated by Shonnie Brown, M.A., MFT, 707-526-4353.

Co-Parent Empowerment Group: six week class focusing on shared parenting issues: managing and diffusing anger, de-escalation of conflict and effective communication skills. Facilitated by Shonnie Brown, M.A., MFT, 707-526-4353.

Ongoing Men's Support Group: open to men interested in working on recurrent relationship issues including anger, addiction, communication and parenting. Meets Tuesdays from 6-7:30 PM. Facilitated by Kevin Cooper, MFT; 707-566-7742.

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