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Spring 2019

Summer 2012

    SHOSHONA PASCOE shares her appreciation for the book QUIET: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking. Read Introverts and Extroverts.

    SHONNIE BROWN discusses the challenge of learning to tolerate one's feelings and suggests some tools that may be helpful in this work. Read "I Just Can't Help How I Feel!"

Winter 2011

    SHOSHONA PASCOE writes of the Via Negativa, a phrase that describes how when we say no thank you in life to certain opportunities that don't feel quite right, other choices arise that may encourage a more complete and soulful life experience. Read The Via Negativa: Living Authentically into the Yes.

    SHONNIE BROWN continues a discussion of the treatment of trauma through writing. She also offers tips for modulating the emotional response when revisiting trauma with older adult clients in particular. Read Uncovering Trauma Through Therapeutic Writing, Part 2.

Fall 2010

    SHONNIE BROWN discusses the relationship between writing and psychotherapy as well as various writing practices used for physical, spiritual and psychological healing and growth. Read Writing: A Healing Art.

    SHOSHONA PASCOE writes about Anxiety and relates a story about baby turtles in their dash to the sea. Read Anxiety and A Story About Turtles.

Summer 2010

    SHONNIE BROWN writes about the power and relevancy of a support group for women going through separation or the break-up of a long term relationship. Read FOOD: Pleasure or Pain?

Winter/Spring 2010

Summer 2009

Winter 2009

    Shoshona Pascoe offers a poem by Rumi that encourages us to open with acceptance to each and every part of our experience; sometimes what we run from and push away brings unexpected gifts. Read "The Guest House".

    Shonnie Brown discusses individual healing work as well as the resistance of group members. Read Healing and Recovery in a Divorce Support Group: Part Two.

Spring/Summer 2008

Winter 2008

    Shoshona Pascoe's article on kindness considers the powerful support for change a kind attitude of inquiry can be. Read Kindness.

    Shonnie Brown's article describes a range of divorcing clients' responses to the loss of their "secure base". Read Divorce and Attachment Issues.

Fall 2007

Summer 2007

Spring 2007

    Shoshona Pascoe writes about letting go of our children and being attentive to the grief, emerging challenges and gifts. Read The Empty Nest: Letting Go Into Fullness.

    Shonnie Brown tells us how therapeutic writing exercises are used in the treatment of trauma, abuse, depression and anxiety. Read Writing As Therapy.

Winter 2007

Fall 2006

Summer 2006

Spring 2006

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